Nine people were killed when an air-ambulance plane crashed at a resort area near the Philippine capital on Sunday, sparking a fierce blaze and sending terrified locals fleeing, authorities said. A Japan-bound plane carrying medical personnel and equipment helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic has burst into flames during take-off in the capital of the Philippines, killing all eight on board. Rescue workers are seen at the crash site of the Lion Air medical evacuation plane, that exploded during takeoff from Manila International Airport in Pasay City, Philippines March 29, 2020. A small ambulance plane crashed near the Philippines capital Manila on Sunday and killed all the nine people on board. Calamba, [ Philippines ], Sept 1 (Sputnik/ANI): Nine people were killed when a small plane crash ed at a resort in the Philippines 's city of Calamba on Sunday. A Japan-bound plane carrying medical personnel and equipment helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic has burst into flames during take-off in the capital of the Philippines… A medical evacuation plane exploded in a ball of flames during takeoff on Sunday in the Philippine capital, killing all eight passengers and crew on board, officials said. Posted March 30, 2020 04:36:21
The air crash at Calamba city sent the aircraft in flames, officials said.

Medical evacuation plane crashes at Manila airport in Philippines, killing eight on board The West Wind 24 plane was carrying three medical personnel, a patient and a companion, and three flight crew A Japan-bound plane helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic has burst into flames during take-off in the Philippine capital, killing all eight on board. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines sent a team of investigators from its Aircraft Accident Investigation Board to determine the cause of the incident. A photo published on the Department of Health’s facebook page earlier this week showed healthcare officials loading the plane with boxes of supplies.
The plane, owned by a Philippines-registered charter service Lionair, had been bound for Haneda, Japan, but burst into flames at the end of the runway around 8 … Plane explodes on take-off in Philippines, killing all aboard including US, Canadian nationals. Prior to its tragic crash, the jet made a series of jaunts carrying medical supplies around the islands of the Philippines, and made trips further afield to Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. Dramatic video on social media showed emergency vehicles rushing toward a building engulfed in roaring flames in Calamba City as authorities urged crowds to move away for their own safety. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said Sunday that the plane lost radar contact at 3:10 p.m. while flying 25 nautical miles from Manila. This is only for gaming and simulation purpose only.

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