Peanuts won’t cause instant problems, so if you catch your pet rat eating a peanut they found, it’s not a big problem. However, you shouldn’t feed them peanuts on the regular. Can rats be allergic to peanuts too? They will be very happy to eat a peanut! So, as tempting as it might be to let your pet rat have a lick of peanut butter, knowing just how much most animals love this stuff, it is not advised. Both the outer and the white parts of orange peels can be harmful for male rats. Like mice, these rodents must constantly nibble, which damages wood and electrical wiring. You should still supply lab blocks as well. Mice and Rats. Even a single rat poses a problem for a home into which it crawls. Can Ferrets Eat Peanuts. Do mice eat peanuts? They should only be given on occasion or as a special treat. Wild rats eat nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables, fruits, insects, worms, eggs, dead animals, and even frogs, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals that they catch and kill. Adult female rats weigh about 225 grams, and males weigh up to 267 grams. If your diet is a fairly healthy one, you can probably share a little of your meals with your pets with a few key exceptions. A variety of birds eat peanuts as well, including towhees, grackles, crows, ravens, jays, woodpeckers, northern cardinals and dark-eyed juncos. One of the questions you may ask yourself is can ferret eat peanuts at all? As a result, they can eat approximately 15 to 20 grams per day. Some people think that just because rats are rats, they can eat moldy food. Wiki User. However, as you might suspect, peanut butter is basically just cooked and blended peanuts, and because rats can not (or rather, should not) eat peanuts, it’s just not good for them. These can cause anemia and give rats upset stomachs. You can try giving a cat a peanut whole, but I’m not sure many cats would be interested in eating peanuts that way, honestly. While nuts like almonds and sunflower seeds are fine for your rat, they are high in fats. 2009-07-23 14:00:32 2009-07-23 14:00:32. What about nuts and seeds? You cannot simply set traps around your home and expect the rats to take the bait. Rats should really only have one or two peanuts per sitting- rather than eating a … Top Answer. Oranges. Remember, only 20% of their diet should consist of veggies and fruits. Rats love food and most unprocessed food is safe for rats to eat, though some foods are healthier than others. However, mold and bacteria can be extremely toxic to rats, just as they can be to humans. Research has found that enzymes from peanuts can affect the levels of vitamin A in the rat’s body and other compounds necessary to keep your rat healthy.

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