Causes. Print. Scientists theorize that the next mass extinction on earth could occur as soon as 2050, according to National Geographic News.

Extinction of animals may take place in a number of ways due to variety of causes as given below: (i) It is an established ecological principle that the environmental conditions of any region may change. It is not hard to understand why—clear a forest, destroy a coral reef, or dam a river, and the species found there will likely be lost. In: Dynamics of extinction, ed Elliott EK. The major causes of wildlife extinction are as follow: 1. Top Causes of Current Extinctions Over Hunting – The ivory of elephants, the fur and organs of tigers, the deliciousness of tuna and the supposedly medicinal effect of shark’s fin are some examples of why we have over hunted these animals to the point of extinction. The niche of a species is like its job, how it obtains resources and interacts with other species.

Extinctions have happened several times in our geological history and they were mostly caused by natural events such as comets and volcanic eruptions… some causes remain unknown. Dinosaur Extinction Theories - How Did Dinosaurs Die ? Degradation of ecosystem. Humans can also be the cause of extinction for certain species. Most of the mass extinctions such as KT-extinction or Permian-Triassic extinction were caused due to such events. Jablonski D (1986) Causes and consequences of mass extinctions: a comparative approach.
In reality, the Ordovician-Silurian extinction was not a single event. This 6 th mass extinction is on us – Homo Sapiens. Causes of Extinction. Overview. Causes Researchers have not been able to find one single cause for CCD, but there are several theories.

The important causes of extinction include: Asteroid Strikes. Volcanic activity is implicated in at least four mass extinctions, while an asteroid is a suspect in just one. The species are not used to severe weather conditions and long seasons, or a changing chemical make-up of their surroundings. Although the best-known cause of a mass extinction is the asteroid impact that killed off the non-avian dinosaurs, in fact, volcanic activity seems to have wreaked much more havoc on Earth's biota. The heating and cooling of the earth, changes in sea level, asteroids, acid rain and diseases can all be natural factors that cause a species to become extinct. The range of a species is the distribution of all populations of individuals belonging to it. The niche of a species is like its job, how it obtains resources and interacts with other species. The loss of animal and plant life has negative implications for … fig: Degradation of ecosystem There are different types of living beings in the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

The range of a species is the distribution of all populations of individuals belonging to it.
Extinction happens when environmental factors or evolutionary problems cause a species to die out. Natural causes for extinction include the following: asteroids, acid rain, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, climatic heating or cooling, changes in sea level or currents, cosmic radiation, predation and disease, and spread of invasive species. Although the Permian Mass Extinction , also known as the "Great Dying," was much larger in the number of species that went extinct, the K-T Extinction is the one most people remember because of public fascination with dinosaurs. Natural Causes of Extinction. Through the activity, students will create a list of reasons why animals can become extinct. Biologists suspect we’re living through the sixth mass extinction. Causes of Extinction. This was the fifth mass extinction event, called the Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction, or K-T Extinction for short. Climate Change is caused by a number of things. All species have a range and a niche.

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