Most new lifters find that they can do a chin-up before they can do a pull-up. Your grip should be shoulder width or just outside.

Works the smaller muscles in the upper back to a greater degree (I think) *edit: This is with a wider grip. Extra negatives - Aim to do at least 8 chin Ups per set. The pros and cons of the two best back-builder variations. The chin-up is the way to go.

Day 3: A pull-up pyramid of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Warning: Don’t do pull-ups this way.

Once you hit 10, work your way back down to 2.
Leave the pull-ups for a warm-up or finisher for an intense and heavy back day. The main key here is to use both in your training.

Jan 3 6 Undeniable Benefits of Chin ups . If your goal is to get stupidly strong, pull-ups may be the ticket. Day 2: 3 x 8-10 chin-ups. Any intelligent coach will keep these two pulling exercises on top of his workout plan if he is asked to suggest exercises for development of muscles in the back and biceps and also for strengthening of upper body. For example, do 6 full and then 4 negative Chin Ups. Day 3: A pull-up pyramid of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. If you cannot do 50 pull ups, check some Madbarz tips on how to do more pull ups. Pull Ups vs Chin Ups Pull ups and chin ups are considered very effective exercises for building up of strength and muscles in the back and the biceps of an individual. I suggest that pull ups is an umbrella category, and there are several different variations within that category including the overhand grip (traditionally called the pull up), reverse grip (the chin up), and opposing grip. Hit chin-ups before a heavy arm day.

That subtle change of turning your palms from inward facing (a chin-up) to outward swaps which side of your torso you target. Doing Pull-Ups (or Chin-Ups) works your lats so it’s a great way to build a bigger and wider back. Clarification: Pull Ups vs Chin Ups My previous thought was that pull ups (palms facing away) worked the lats more than chin ups (palms facing body). The chin-up is the way to go. My understanding now is that chin ups activate the lats almost as much as pull ups but chin ups feel easier because they engage more of the bicep.

For example, do 6 full and then 4 negative Chin Ups. Day 3: Pullup, pyramid – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. When it comes to ROM, the chin/pull-up is king. Week 2 Day 1: 3 x 5 pull-ups.

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Eventually your goal is to be able to do One Arm Chin Ups. If you can't do it yet add negatives. The 4 Best Alternative Exercises. There are various ways to grip the bar when performing a pull-up or a chin-up. Once you hit 10, work your way back down to 2.

Pictured: I built strong lats with the help of pull-ups. Ring pull ups vs bar pull ups, which is the best technique? If you can't do it yet add negatives.

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