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Strategy 3: Upgrading Settlements into Cities and Stockpiling Development Cards End Game Victory Points Example.

There are 6 knights …

This works only when you are at least +2 knight ahead. It is probably by far the most important resource: mostly for activating knights. Welcome to the Almost Complete Cities and Knights Strategy Guide.

At the beginning of the game, you definately want a knight before the first brigand attack.

Three new commodities are produced in the cities to make it into a metropolis. Each player is given 3 city walls per game to build, therefore a player would have a maximum of 13 cards … Well, let's see. RAISE A POWERFUL ARMY AND LEAD IT INTO WAR! A city wall is built around a city. Most importantly, while in Settlers of Catan brick is the most valuable resource, in Cities and Knights the opposite is true.

Progress cards replace development cards; these may be played on the turn drawn and multiple cards may be played on one turn.

when first placing your viliage, go for the ore if possible. Certainly, the sources for medieval strategic thought lack the literary appeal of the classic histories of ancient Greece and Rome. Penalty Attacking Cities (33) No Defensive Terrain Bonuses; Strategy Edit. Cities & Knights pieces replace these components. In order to successfully defend Catan, the knights of all players combined must be at least as strong as the barbarian army.

This tactic works best when you have lots of ore and wheat or a monopoly on ore. There's a lot more going on with C&K than just basic Settlers. You may either claim some sheep hex or maximize your grain and ore input to exchange them for sheep.

Theoretically, it is possible to combine the two expansions and thus create a game that provides an even larger variety of strategies and possibilities to win. This is one of the few guides on Cities and Knights that isn’t flat-out crappy and wrong. The goal of this strategy is to gain as much development cards as possible and using the advantages given by these cards to get an edge over your opponents. NEW GAME PIECES Knights Before you play Cities & Knightsfor the first time, you will need to label all 24 knight tokens (the round wooden “disks”).

So don't get too caught up in getting too … Buy Catan: Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension Strategy Board Game at Goals. Well done.

The Knight is a fast and powerful unit, the undisputed king of the medieval battlefield.

This strategy is also quite attractive since grain and ore are two components for the knight and you need to protect your cities to benefit from them. Cities vs. Knights Strategy for Opening and Mid-game So which do you get, cities or knights? There were three main types of soldiers during the Middle Ages: foot soldiers, archers, and knights. Only the wealthiest nobles could afford to be a knight. Gather most (or all) of the ore. There are 6 tokens of each color. History >> Middle Ages for Kids What was a knight? As time goes by, you can expand your realm all the way to an empire with the right strategy.

Strategy #1: Build Cities Quickly. Catan Strategy Guide: Catan (previously called "Settlers of Catan") is a classic boardgame designed by Klaus Teuber.

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