According to the 1881 Census, Andrew Kay employed 30 people in his curling stone factory in Mauchline. Curling is a game played on flat ice. Kays Curling manufacture and export the unique Ailsa Craig curling stone to top rinks around the world.

But every few years the company is allowed to return to the island to collect stones. Insert Running Surfaces and Reprofiled Strikebands. The prize of Ailsa Craig is its rocks, which are sought after for the crafting of curling stones. Ailsa Craig Common Green granite is of a lower quality and stones manufactured from it are not as robust as those manufactured from Blue Hone. The last harvest of Ailsa Craig granite took place in 2013, after a hiatus of 11 years. Kays Curling Stones are the only stones used in competition by The World Curling Federation. The granite is then transported to the mainland by boat to be stored in our secure facility until we start the process of transforming the granite boulders into the finished curling stones. Remanufactured Ailsa Craig Common Green Granite Curling Stones with Blue Hone Granite. Nearly all of the stones used in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics for the past century have been carved from rocks plucked from the tiny island. Founded in 1851, and still manufacturing in Ayrshire Scotland, Kays Curling has the exclusive rights to harvest granite from Ailsa Craig. Price based on 1 sheet of 16 stones and does not include handles. Kays of Scotland has been making curling stones in Mauchline, Ayrshire, since 1851 and has the exclusive rights to the Ailsa Craig granite, granted by the Marquess of Ailsa, whose family has owned the island since 1560. In the past, most curling stones were made from Blue Hone but the island is now a wildlife reserve and quarrying is restricted. Harvesting between 1600 tons of Ailsa Craig Common Green granite and 400 tons of Ailsa Craig Blue Hone granite is an operation that takes place as required. Remanufactured stones are also available with Blue Hone inserts on both sides, please contact our office for pricing.

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