Jiyoon, right, has quit BOL4 (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images) Woo Jiyoon has quit K-pop group BOL4 due to ‘concerns about her career’.

BOL4 (also known as Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간사춘기)) is a South Korean one-member act under Shofar Music. The agency explained the reason behind Woo Ji Yoon’s departure, She has announced to leave the group due to uncertainties in its future. Shortly after, Woo Ji Yoon herself shared a personal letter expressing, BOL4 member Woo Ji Yoon has announced she's leaving the group. By Kwak Yeon-soo Woo Ji-yoon has quit K-pop duo Bolbbalgan 4 (BOL4) after four years, citing concerns about the direction of her career in the future. Woo Ji Yoon expressed her desire to leave BOL4 after contemplation about her personal path, and after much thought, we decided to respect her wishes. Bolbbalgan4 started as a duo, also known as ‘Blushing Youth’. So Ahn Ji Young soldiers on alone. The post consists of a photo that fans predict to be the logo for her upcoming song, and the caption reads, In April, Woo Ji Yoon announced her departure from the duo, leaving Ahn Ji Young to continue promotions as a solo act under the name BOL4. Ahn Ji-young may be the only member of indie band BOL4 remaining, but the band's music is as sweet and full of love as it ever was. On a recent episode of tvN’s On and Off, BOL4‘s Ahn Ji Young opened up in the rawest way about Woo Ji Yoon‘s departure from the duo and how difficult it was on her. Dalam surat yang muncul tak lama setelah Ji-yoon diumumkan keluar itu, Ji-young meminta maaf kepada penggemar atas kabar yang terlihat dadakan tersebut dan bagi yang mungkin marah setelah terus mendukung mereka … After contemplation, Woo Ji Yoon has decided to wrap up promoting as BOL4. Their duo name stands for ‘blushing youth’, with the shy Ji-yoon representing ‘blushing’ and Ji-young repressing ‘youth’! In somewhat of a surprise announcement, at least to me, Shofar Music revealed that Ji Yoon would be leaving the duo Bolbbalgan4 and Ahn Ji Young would continue on using the name (brand, really) as a soloist. They debuted as a duo on April 22, 2016 with their first mini album Red Ickle. Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간 사춘기) is currently a South Korean soloist under Shofar Music. But shortly after, rumors of Woo Ji Yoon’s unfair treatment circulated online, with netizens demanding that she get justice. Yes, BOL4 is now a solo act, as Woo Ji Yoon left last month. On April 2, 2020, Shofar has announced that Woo Ji Yun has departed from BOL4, with An Ji Yeong to continue to promote under the duo's name, without any additional members. They both participated on Superstar K6 in 2014. Back in April, BOL4 gained media and public attention after it was announced that Woo Ji Yoon would be leaving the duo. On April 2, Shofar Music released an official statement to social media to confirm that Woo Ji Yoon had left the duo; Ahn Ji Young will be promoting solo under BOL4.

We, Shofar Music, are also sad that BOL4 will not be able to continue on together, but we have made this decision to respect and support [Woo Ji Yoon’s] thoughts more than anything else. By Kwak Yeon-soo Woo Ji-yoon has quit K-pop duo Bolbbalgan 4 (BOL4) after four years, citing concerns about the direction of her career in the future. bol4 boy with luv bol4 boy with luv lyrics bol4 boy with luv cover ... (Woo Ji-yoon)의 맛깔나는 설명에 헨리(Henry) 감동;_; 아이돌룸(idolroom) 45회 - Duration: 2:35.

It was the first time she has appeared as BOL4 since her partner and guitarist Woo Ji-yoon left the band last month. Singer Ahn Ji-young held a showcase for her new release "Puberty Book II Pum" on Wednesday. As usual, she composed and wrote all five songs on BOL4 's newest EP, 'Puberty Book II Pum.'

South Korean music duo, BOL4 member Woo Ji Yoon has announced she’s leaving the group. Just months after BOL4‘s announcement of the member, Woo Ji Yoon‘s departure from the duo, the singer-songwriter announced her solo debut through her personal Instagram account. Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- Member tersisa dari Bolbbalgan4 (BOL4), Ahn Ji-young menuliskan surat mengenai kepergian Woo Ji-yoon dari duo tersebut yang mengagetkan penggemar. BOL4 has lost a member! – Shofar Music. BOL4 will now be a one-member artist with Ahn Ji Young and no additional members. “Ji-yoon told us that she would like to quit the band for personal reasons regarding her future care In contrast to what fans might’ve assumed after seeing Ahn Ji Young’s killer comeback as a solo artist, she confessed that she feels void and burdened inside. While outsiders were sad to hear the news, the fandom itself wasn’t that surprised. Jiyoon was part of the duo, also known as Bolbbalgan4… The duo consisted of Jiyoung and Jiyoon. Guitarist and songwriter Woo Ji-yoon of indie duo BOL4, also known as Bolbbalgan4, is quitting the band, her agency Shofar Music said on Thursday. Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간 사춘기) (BOL4), is a South Korean female consisting Ahn Ji-young and Woo Ji-yoon formed by Shofar Music. Shofar Music Announces Woo Ji Yoon Has Decided To Leave BOL4. The biggest duo of Kpop has announced some upsetting news to fans on April 2, Shofar Music released an official statement to social media to confirm that Woo Ji Yoon had left the duo; Ahn Ji Young will be promoting solo under BOL4.

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