There is no substitute for the basket test. Feed your pigeons particularly for long and short distance races. His father NL96-2261668 comes from the loft of Chris Vandervelden. Break training into three parts: exercise, schooling and at last the training. 2/3 Winning Long Distance Hot Race Mix + 1/3 of a Candy Mix The last two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) 1 part corn + 2 parts Winning Long Distance Hot Race Mix + 1 part Candy Mix. This way we will be able to keep our pigeons eating sufficient amounts of food. The old pigeons only start racing Barcelona when they are 3 years old. A few good pigeons are better than a large number of inferior ones. the home loft.

He poured his heart and soul into his pigeons and created his very own winning bloodline. Make sure your loft is 100% vermin proof. Do not wait till it has started moulting.

This website has been on-going since 2004, updated often, last update 6/21/2020 Visit all 8 pages and enjoy A few "select" Breeders are available at this time (see Birds for Sale page) Our email address is or call 618-585-3624 In this section of my website you will find middle distance quality racing pigeons for sale. There are different long distance breeds that will only perform well as a yearling or at the age of two so it is essential that you allow your pigeons time to develop and to gain the necessary experience. Most clubs consider them 2 day races. Racing Pigeons For Sale Having raced pigeons for over 40 years, we are now focusing a lot of time, effort and money on one loft racing. 20 things to remember to becoming a champion fancier, 1. Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp Cortenoeverseweg 82 6971 JK Brummen (NL) Tel: +31 575 538555

Pigeon racing is the sport of releasing specially trained racing pigeons, which then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance.The time it takes the animal to cover the specified distance is measured and the bird's rate of travel is calculated and compared with all of the other pigeons in the race to determine which animal returned at the highest speed. Maintain a good physical and mental health of your pigeon.

This site is dedicated to the sport & hobby of racing and breeding Racing Homing Pigeons! However, a racing pigeon that peaks in winning a blow home can be doubled back into a headwind the next week providing it had a break from racing in the weeks before being doubled back. 2019 young female available 50 only Please call me only on 2592 Pigeon food here also 25kg bag 25, 1250373887 Tips on Taking Care of Racing Pigeons .

47+ YEARS of breeding and racing these wonderful birds. Provides fascinating accounts of interviews with the owners of nine successful lofts.John Clements is a dedicated commentator on long-distance pigeon racing; an enthusiastic supporter of international racing and has a regular weekly column in British Homing World. It would be to simple if we could only write about the “048”. There are different long distance breeds that will only perform well as a yearling or at the… Vic Hennig is the man behind 4-Way Loft.

When he retired from his own business he spent every waking moment with his pigeons each and every day. The programme makes room for a short-, middle-, and long-distance series, which can consist of anything between 20 to 30 race events. Prepare for a long distance race. There are 12 short-, 12 middle-, and 13 long-distance races on the Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation programme. Wednesday and Thursday, with Thursday being day of shipping feed 50% European mix and 50% safflower, hemp, rape and flax mix. long distance races should not be full and round. Even for headwind races a lean buoyant pigeon is at a big advantage. Pigeons that are on their best at pigeon races from 750 to 1350 kilometer. 5. 4.

“Later, I participated at Mayfair Racing Pigeon Club and the Mayfair South Golden Reef Racing Pigeon Association, then rejoined Westdene.

Racing was a way of life for Vic.

The organization would decide the distance between the release point and the base i.e. Gysie Britz was introduced to racing pigeons at the age of 10 by fanciers Andries van Straten and Josie Ferreira. ... 6 Steps to Breed Racing Pigeons Successfully Racing Pigeon Racing is an exact example of a challenge. Tips to Follow to Make your Pigeon Win While Racing Pigeons race from a specific place to the home loft. Pigeons that are on their best at pigeon races from 750 to 1350 kilometer.

The pigeons for sale here are all from our main breeders, many with proven performances in their own right. 47+ YEARS of breeding and racing these wonderful birds. Long Distance Pigeon Racing Takes Patience One of the basic principles of long distance racing is that you need a lot of patience. When racing Vitesse, train in the morning and in the evening around six or seven. Too many good pigeons are lost because the fancier’s ego demands a place on the score-board. Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp Cortenoeverseweg 82 6971 JK Brummen (NL) Tel: +31 575 538555 Try

When it’s a long distance race, include feeds with fat contents. He isn’t your average racer, he lived and breathed Pigeon Racing.

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