When the second paste has hardened and cooled, you can ignite your homemade match on any surface.

Other ingredients of match heads include potassium chlorate, phosphorous sesquisulfide, sulfur, glass powder, binders and fillers. The match will flare and burn. c Hold the match in a pair of tongs.

Put the head of the match into a blue Bunsen flame (air-hole open). Bake the matches for another two hours. I made a round and fired a 223 grn (glow in the dark) lead bullet with gunpowder made from nothing but match heads and a primer filled with nothing but … Match-head Powders are usually a mixture of Potassium Chlorate and Phosphorus, In various formulations, that are friction sensitive and will lite with very little energy input. BASICALLY IT IS RED PHOSPHORUS Red phosphorous is easily obtained from Sigma Aldrich. Once lit, they produce significant Hot Gases, and the mixture burn rate SIGNIFICANTLY increases, with pressure. Phosphorous sulfide is the chemical compound that ignites match heads. a Dip the head of a match in water to moisten it. It's found in the heads of strike-anywhere matches and in the strip on the side of safety match boxes.

Warnings. Because of its use in illegal methamphetamine manufacture, it is classified as List I chemical by the DEA.

There are two different types of matches that can be distinguished by the different match heads. Potassium chlorate and red phosphorus are extremely reactive. With both types, the main part of a match is wood or a type of cardboard-ish paper. Do not allow the match to burn more than half way along its length. Dip the baked head of each match in the second paste, and set it on the pan again. b Roll the damp match head first in sodium carbonate powder, then in iron(III) oxide powder.

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