I It grows from Spring to Fall seasons. Panaeolus cinctulus is a cosmopolitan species that grows solitary to gregarious to cespitose (densely clumped) on compost piles, well-fertilized lawns and gardens, and, rarely, directly on horse dung. Mushrooms that contain psilocybin can be found almost anywhere in the world. Panaeolus cyanescens and the Panaeolus tropicalis are grown almost exactly in the same way. Throughout the world the species Panaeolus cinctulus (= P. subbalteatus) and several active species of Gymnopilus grow. However the Panaeolus cyanescens and the Panaeolus tropicalis are in many ways much more vulnerable than the Psilocybe cubensis. Pileus (cap): 4-5 cm broad at maturity. Cinnamon brown to orange cinnamon brown, fading to tan in drying with a dark brown encircling zone around the margin. Rather than create entries for countries, states and provinces which would then have nothing else listed, it is probably a good assumption that these mushrooms grow in … Once you find which active species occur in your area, ... Wyoming Panaeolus cinctulus Pluteus americanus Canada Gymnopilus aeruginosus Gymnopilus luteofolius Gymnopilus sp. Panaeolus cinctulus Panaeolus olivaceus Panaeolus sp. It grows abundantly after rain. Convex to campanulate, then broadly convex, finally expanding to nearly plane with a broad umbo. And this is not that different from growing the Psilocybe cubensis either.

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