Groundhogs are excellent diggers; they dig both simple and complex burrow systems.
Groundhogs can climb, so you will need to … If you are choosing to relocate your groundhog/s, be aware that when they feel threatened they can become aggressive, so be careful. Animals sometimes make adjustments to access your property, instead of moving on. Timing for exclusion work also is important. Exclusion can be effective for some species, such as rabbits, bats, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, groundhogs, Canada geese and other waterfowl. It is the fact that groundhogs are not aggressive Maryland animals and will usually try to avoid conflict. Although cute, these herbivores can become a nuisance by establishing burrows where people and large animals walk. Maryland Wildlife trapping regulations need to be reviewed every year. 1.

Groundhogs weigh around 7-14 lbs and are around 25 inches in length, including the tail. Note that the information is provided here for educational purposes only & does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any of the practices, products or services provided by the Humane Society or any other parties included on the linked pages.

Groundhogs are deceptively pleasant-looking creatures with chubby bodies and squatty legs. Maryland Directory of Wildlife and Animal Control Professionals. Maryland may be the 9th smallest state, but don’t let that deter you from moving here—it’s home to the best crabs in the world, great sports teams and beautiful landscapes. 6. Experience Ocean Life At the National Aquarium Check with your wildlife agency or state game commission regarding relocation.

Photo: Courtesy of Joel Kinison under a CC 2.0 license.. Annapolis is known for its live music. There are different live traps available, but most follow the same rules for use. If you are needing an experienced Maryland professional for your groundhog removal job, then you are in luck. The other, less visible entrances are used for escape purposes. The main entrance is often the most conspicuous, with a large mound of freshly dug dirt nearby. They are the largest member of the squirrel family and common throughout Indiana. Michigan Wildlife Solutions is a groundhog removal specialist. Our groundhog exterminator services are not like that of most pest control companies. Visit our Baltimore wildlife trapping home page to … Remember that a groundhog can excavate a new den overnight and lives a solitary lifestyle, so don’t feel bad about transporting the little guy somewhere else. Groundhog (Woodchuck) Groundhogs or woodchucks (Marmota monax) are a rodent that is in the same family as squirrels. These traps are set carefully so that the groundhogs will not pick up, and there for be deterred by, the scent of humans.

"Humane" groundhog removal includes harassing them to move to a more peaceable location, sealing their holes and live-trapping and relocating. Relocation is not always an option in certain areas of the country. It’s a grassroots scene that includes musicians getting to know intimate audiences. To help makes sure the entire project from start to finish is as easy as possible for you, we help connect you with qualified pros who specialize in groundhog removal services, as well as a host of other home improvement projects for both residential and commercial properties. Most burrows are 25 to 30 feet long and from two to five feet deep, with at least two entrances. Groundhogs are rodents from the marmot family. Caging a groundhog in a humane trap is not hard, but relocating the animal legally could be. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, “whistle pigs,” or marmots, are rodents that can do a lot of damage to your lawns and gardens.

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