Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stainless Steel Striker Indicator for Ruger SR9, SR9c, SR40, SR40c and SR45 Pistols at If sales are any indication, this is a popular gun. When the magazine is inserted into the frame, it lifts the disconnect out of the path of the striker, allowing the striker to reach the cartridge primer during a normal firing cycle. I sent Ruger a letter with a return envelope asking the price for a replacement price. 10/22® Mini-14® / … Our awarding-winning products all prove that Ruger has a rugged, reliable firearm to meet every shooter's needs.

Ruger SR9 Striker and Magazine Disconnect Removal.

Ruger American® Rifle. There are many companies that specialise in gun upgrades and maybe even more single gun enthusiasts that temper with their firearms to a safe extent. Ruger’s first striker-fired pistol was designed from the ground up to offer an affordable, slim, comfortable-to-shoot package that provides the features demanded by today’s most discriminating pistol shooters, all backed by legendary Ruger reliability. While many shooters who buy an auto pistol want a light, crisp trigger with an almost undetectable trigger movement, most law enforcement agencies do not. The trigger pull on this pistol is appx. Designed to insure ignition for CCW, it also fixes the light strike issues found to plague some pistols. The Ruger SR9 is certainly one of the more newsworthy additions to the polymer frame, striker fired, service pistol line that is of significant value.

Ruger SR9 9mm Luger 4.14in Stainless Pistol - 17+1 Rounds - The Ruger SR9 is perfectly sized to be comfortable and controllable with a slim, ergonomic grip and narrow slide. This is a discussion on Upgraded SR9C striker follower within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Was a pretty easy install. Also watch Ruger SR9 Field Strip: Read … August 23, 2016 by Ken Leave a Comment.

Ruger SR9 Pistol.

… Fits Ruger SR9, SR9c, SR40, SR40c and SR45 Pistols. Review – Ruger SR9. Springfield XD Full Size 4" 45ACP model is .25" taller. 12 pounds. After 200 rounds, I have noticed that the striker blocker has gouges in it where the trigger bar contacts it. SR9 SAI Tier1 concept. 99/44. Upgraded SR9C striker follower. Includes 2 magazines with 10-shot capacities, magazine loader, padlock, and instruction manual. Includes a new striker cross pin. I posted here a few months ago that I had stepped on the striker cover of my SR9 by accident when it fell on the concrete floor while detail cleaning.

Gallery of Guns has even had it on allocation until just recently. Similar to Glock's "safe action", the striker fired SR9 features a pre-set trigger.With this type of action, the striker is partially cocked when the slide is cycled, then is fully cocked and released when the trigger is pulled.

It was warped, but worked. A sleek, feature-loaded ergonomic pistol; Ambidextrous manual safety and magazine release; Adjustable sights; Impressive 17+1 capacity; Accessory rail; Ruger’s first striker-fired semiautomatic pistol delivers outstanding performance in a sleek, feature-loaded ergonomic package at an affordable price. If sales are any indication, this is a popular gun. The second part of having fun with a handgun is customisation of your Ruger SR9 with the help of gun parts. The SR9 is the first large-caliber striker fired pistol designed and manufactured by Sturm Ruger. Add our Smooth It kit 4 to remove the added pull weight of this spring on your trigger.
Hi. A box arrived in the mail with a new striker cover and my return envelope. A tilt-barrel design keeps the barrel and slide locked together at the moment of firing, while the cycling of the slide partially cocks the striker action so it’s ready to fire the next round in the chamber. Ruger’s SR9 pistol has most of the traits of other popular striker-fired auto pistols, like a plastic (polymer) frame, light weight, accessory rail, and other features demanded by most shooters who buy such pistols. Guide Gun. And thankfully the aftermarket handgun market is as versatile as can be.

Using a conventional cam block recoil operated tilt lock and Ruger's full length recoil spring guide rod, the sidearm will prove itself reliably lethal in any self defense scenario. This is the shaft that visually shows the pistol is cocked. This is the shaft that visually shows the pistol is cocked. According to a Ruger communiqué, the SR9's magazine disconnect is a spring-loaded steel part mounted in the slide. Went from plastic to billet aluminum.

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