Kingdom Plantae contains all photosynthetic eukaryotic multicellular organisms and their non-photosynthetic relatives. The salient features of kingdom Plantae are: (a) Organisms are multicellular except for some algae. Plant Kingdom: Salient features, classification and alternation of generations of the plants of the following groups – Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms; 1.3. (b) They are eukaryotic. Central vacuoles are absent but small vacuoles may occur. (c) They possess nerve cell hence they show co-ordinate movements and quick responce to stimuli. The Monera kill organisms causing pathogenic diseases, breaks down algae, and can even recycle chemical pollutants like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Kingdom Plantae includes green, brown and red algae, liwerworts, mosses, ferns and seed plants with or without flowers. Plantae is a kingdom that consists of multicellular eukaryotes that perform photosynthesis. However, lower animals have tissue level of organisation. The salient features of kingdom Animalia are : (a) They are multicellular,eukaryotic organisms.

Angiosperms: Salient Characteristic Features. Only about 953,434 species of animals have been catalogued in the Animal Kingdom. Biological Classification - Biology is a subject of natural science that involves the study of living organisms. About 80% of known living green plants belong to Angiosperm. Plant Kingdom. The Monera kingdom includes all bacteria that may infect animals, humans, and plants.

Q.14. The salient features of kingdom Plantae are: (a) Organisms are multicellular except for some algae. Scientists predict that only 15% of species are known to man from the estimated 8.7 million species. Q.11 What is the basis of nomenclature of organisms, give the scientific name of Ostrich. 1 answer. Free Study Rankers App Download Now. examples of living things that belong to these kingdoms are as under: Q.12 Give three salient features of Amphibia. Remember. What are the Characteristics of the Kingdom Animalia Kingdom : Animalia or Animal Kingdom These organisms are multicellular, eukaryotic and without chlorophyll. Classification systems are always changing as new information is made available. The five kingdom system is the most common way of grouping living things based on simple distinctive characteristics. Vertebrates are an interesting collection of animals, including humans, that have evolved over millions of years.
These features are used as the basis of animal classification and some … these kingdoms are nameed as monera, protista, fungi, anemalia and plantae. fundamental features common to various individuals in relation to the arrangement of cells, body symmetry, nature of coelom, patterns of digestive, circulatory or reproductive systems. Q.10 Write two salient features of mammalian group. Q.13 Mention three features of Chordates. (b) They possess contractile cells due to absence of rigid cell wall. Science of plants – Botany: Origin, Development, Scope of Botany and Branches of Botany. ... What are the salient features of kingdom Fungi ? Colloquially, the word “plant” generally refers to green, terrestrial, leafy plants, like trees, flowers, bushes, weeds, etc. Kingdom Plantae (Embryophytes) is classified into the following divisions: Bryophyta: Amphibians of plant kingdom, non-vascular. In two kingdom classification following things are not considered; Cell structure, nature of wall, mode of nutrition, habitat methods of reproduction and evolutionary relationship . Modern technologies such as Genetics makes it possible to unravel evolutionary relationships to greater and greater detail.

The subject is divided into various fields such as the evolution, growth, d 1.3.
SALIENT FEATURES AND CLASSIFICATION OF PLANTS Plants are unique in their physical appearance, structure, and physiological behaviour. Pteridophyta: True root, stem and leaves, vascular tissue present. X. Biologist Whittaker gave the Five Kingdom Classification, for all the living organisms. List the characteristics of Angiosperms Seed-bearing plants Seeds are enclosed within fruits Presence of well-differentiated plant body Produces flowers during their lifespan Presence of two subtypes – monocots and dicots Two kingdom classification: It was proposed by Linnaeus, include two Kingdoms-Plantae & Animalia.

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