This enables Shooters World to offer affordable classes that not only make you a better firearms … We have what you need to carry your weapons concealed. Shooters World is Florida’s largest firearm store, indoor public shooting range, and training facility.

When you take a concealed carry class you learn the laws of when you can use deadly force. Shooters World training classes teach our customers how to safely and comfortably use their firearms. When you are coming to shop, our knowledgeable staff is great to talk with. Shooters World is a destination that satisfies the needs of all types of shooters. These classes, designed to accommodate a wide variety of shooters, are taught by highly trained, certified instructors. Shipping from our distributors is not readily available, and thus we must take other actions. This is an entry level carbine class designed for the shooter with minimal or no formal carbine training. This class will progress the shooter through the basic necessities of the proper handling and deployment of a carbine. Pricing Policy- Shooter's World does and will always maintain an ethical pricing policy. We are making every effort to maintain a continuous supply of firearms, ammunition, and other firearm-related products. Shooters World delivers over 30 NRA Certified course offerings including the popular Florida Concealed Carry Class, Basic to Advanced firearm-specific classes, and Ladies only instruction. Shooter's World is the valley CCW Headquarters. E-Mail: Telephone: 813.381.1111 Shooters World is Florida’s largest firearm store, indoor public shooting range, and training facility. The expansive 62,000 sq. CARBINE I: View Course: This class will cover the Carbine operational fundaments, manipulation, positions and marksmanship. Our facility DOES NOT allow the use of archery equipment such as, but not limited to: Longbows, Recurve Bows, Compound Bows, and Crossbows. Women's firearms training and classes are perfect for new and experienced shooters - private training, carrying concealed, introduction to handguns. Each class is led by expert instructors on our shooting range. Go to the CCW Course page. They will make sure you get all your questions answered and have enough information to make the best decisions before …
Click your preferred location below to view our training calendar. Shooter's World indoor shooting range and gun and ammunition retailer, Phoenix's largest indoor shooting range and gun retailer specializing in a variety of firearms and accessories. ft. establishment, aptly named “Shooters World,” provides for a shooter’s every desire.
We offer a large variety of shooter training and gun classes including concealed carry permit (CCW classes), women's, children's, defensive pistol, combat handgun, NRA instructor certification and many more.

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