To indicate single, twin or triplet.

Birth weights ranged from 1 kg to 9.8 kg, with a mean of 4.8 kg. 3.

Also ear tagging affects the sheep alot less than castration, I've tagged alot of sheep and they don't even notice, they get more annoyed by hands touching there ear than the tag … By Premier 1 Supplies How ear tags can help you— 1. 5. 1.

Quote; Share this post. To indicate sire (and dam). Record keeping is an important aspect of sheep production. It gives birth to 1 or 2 lambs once a year.

2. Her vulva will be dilated. It is the lamb who decides when it is time to be born. 4. After the birth, ewes ideally break the amniotic sac (if it is not broken during labor), and begin licking clean the lamb. Identification of Sheep. When a ewe is getting ready to deliver her lambs, she may not eat. … . Many producers like button tags. On average, 5 % of lambs were dead at tagging and 11 % of all lambs born were not present at 12 wks of age. To indicate year of birth. The process of tagging lambs shortly after birth is quick and does not cause any stress to the lambs. To indicate sex. To indicate single, twin or triplet. When he has decided which ewe lambs he is going to keep, he then puts in the large plastic tag which is numbered, and correlates that with it's lamb brass tag. To indicate problems.

This Information Sheet outlines the legal requirements and offers guidance on how to insert ear tags into lambs. Inserting ear tags in lambs ears.

Best practice marking of lambs. How ear tags can help you— 1. The relationship between birth weight and mortality differed to previously published New Zealand reports with high survival rates in the present study over a wide range of birth weights from 3 to 9 kg.

Allflex® and Duflex™ tags are two-piece, plastic tags that come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Lambs should be tail docked using a gas-heated knife or rubber rings and mulesing should only be carried out when necessary. The licking clears the nose and mouth, dries the lamb, and stimulates it.

Swivel and looping tags work well for lambs and are easier to read than brass tags. Lambs that were dead at the time of tagging were noted, and lambs that died after the tagging were also recorded. sheep bums.JPG. We specialize in custom imprinting—numbers, farm names, brands and logos. Lambing Information Sheet: Ear tagging lambs. To indicate sex. Ear tagging lambs Sign in to follow this . Page last updated: Tuesday, 5 June 2018 - 8:55am. Who’s responsible.


Temple tags have an open end to prevent ripping of the ear. Electronic tagging of lambs at birth has enabled one farmer to build a more accurate picture of flock performance and tweak management to maximise growth rates. The lambs get tagged within a day or two of birth in their right ear, with iodine sprayed on as well to inhibit infection (I tend to check them a day or so later just to make sure). Deacon Dog Deacon Dog Senior Member; Registered Users; 195 posts; Report post; Posted May 11, 2005. Animal identification and record keeping. Her udder and teats will be distended. Lambs born to F x R ewes (4.28 kg) were significantly lighter at birth than those born to PD x R ewes (5.34 kg). Sheep Ireland Technicians wait until the lamb is approximately 12 hours old before tagging. 5. Lambs born as singles to mature ewes were the heaviest at birth… Lambs that are breathing and healthy at this point begin trying to stand, and ideally do so between a half and full hour, with help from the mother. By Deacon Dog, May 11, 2005 in Livestock Management. It is a legal requirement to tag lambs within 9 months of birth, (6 months if housed overnight), or before they leave the holding. We also only tag gimmers with flock tags and replacement ewe lambs with there eid tags at the end of the fly season. A new lightweight mini button tag with EID compatibility has been launched by Allflex, enabling flock managers to take full advantage of the management benefits of EID especially when tagging lambs at birth. It is critical that lambs receive enough colostrum during their first 18 to 24 hours of life in order to ensure adequate absorption of colostral antibodies. six months of birth if housed overnight; nine months of birth if not housed overnight; when they move off the holding of birth if this is sooner; You will have to apply two identifiers, both bearing the same unique number. At birth, the lamb does not have its own antibodies because antibodies in the ewe's bloodstream do not cross the placenta. Eg ewe lamb 212 of 2010 will have been brass tagged with 212-10. Performance record keeping helps to identify which lambs should be kept as replacements, which ewes should be kept or culled, and which rams sire the best lambs.

Lambs should be marked between the ages of two to 12 weeks.

Please note: This content may be out of date and is currently under review. To indicate sire (and dam). For sheep, one must be electronic.The electronic identification (EID) identifier you use must meet certain standards in order to be used for EID purposes.

Mini EID Button makes Tagging Lambs from Birth Viable.

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