The average lifespan for these dolphins is estimated to be between 20 – 25 years. Hector’s dolphin is the smallest in the delphinidae family as well as the rarest oceanic species. Family: Delphinidae. There is a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin known as Maui’s dolphin that is critically endangered and estimated to have a population of only 55.

According to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, the oldest dolphin aged scientifically in the wild was 48 years old. In the wild these dolphins have a lifespan ranging from 20 to 25 years. The total population of Hector’s dolphins around the South Island was estimated at 7240 individuals in 2004, with 5388 found on the west coast, mostly concentrated between 41º30’S and 44º30’S. Speciation occurred because part of the Hector's Dolphin species moved away from the main group (maybe due to not enough food). Both are polygamous. Hector's dolphins are among the rarest species of marine dolphin, with probably less than 5,000 individuals remaining. About the Hector’s Dolphin Hector’s Dolphin / Author: Dr. Mridula Srinivasan, NOAA/NMFS/OST/AMD. Males reach sexual maturity at 5-9 years and females at 7-9 years of age. Hector's Dolphin is the original species of Maui's Dolphin. Adult The female is sexually mature at the age of 7 – 9 years and can live up to 20 years. Hector’s dolphin gets a sanctuary. Hector’s Dolphin Conservation Status and Threats. A great resource to show the life cycle of the Hector's dolphin and the Maui's dolphin.Tags in this resource: Hectors-Dolphin-Mother--Calf-Black-and-White.pngHectors-Dolphin-Mother--Calf.pngDolphin-Embryo-Black-and-White.pngDolphin-Embryo.pngHectors-or-Mauis-Dolphin-Black-and-White.pngHectors-or-Mauis-Dolphin.png Hector’s dolphins mature at about 8 years old and they and they have a life span of around 15 to 18 years old. The lifespan of Hector’s Dolphins is around twenty years and as the females will only produce a maximum of four to five calves in their life, it is important that the species receives as much protection as possible. How Long Do Dolphins Live? They are considered to be vulnerable right now due to problems in their environment that can deplete their numbers and due to their low rate of reproduction.

Hector's dolphins live in groups of 2 - 8 individuals, though they may occasionally come together in aggregations of as many as 50 individuals. Thecoastal distribution of Hector's Dolphin makes the species more succeptable and vulnerable to accumulation of pollutants such as heavy metals and pesticide residues.The average life span for Hector's Dolphin is 19 to 20 years old. Hector’s dolphins mate in late spring and calves are born about a year later. Paper wasp nests are open and cells are not covered with a cap (in an envelope). The former Minister of Conservation, Helen Clark, accorded special status to these waters in December 1988 to provide protection for the local population of Hector’s dolphins. Speciation occurred because part of the Hector's Dolphin species moved away from the main group (maybe due to not enough food). ... so dense than the skin never gets wet.Dolphins and whales use blubber , a dense ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 1c6fe1-ZDc1Z The waters around Banks Peninsula remain home to the largest population of one of the world’s rarest and smallest marine dolphins, the Hector’s dolphin.

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