So most of us get our honey and then stack up our supers and wait for springtime to come round again. They destroy the wax comb, which ruins the colony’s ability to raise brood and store food. Wax moths can be a terrible problem if allowed to get out of hand, and will destroy brood comb in a very short time if not detected. Wax Moths - control of Ive been searching this site for a solution to exterminate wax moths that have invaded my twenty foot shipping container, that is nearly full of honey supers. Without the presence of worker bees, these eggs will hatch and wreak havoc on your combs in storage. I usually store my supers for a couple of weeks in my garage before extracting and have never had wax moths in them. They both cause the same destruction. I use excluders so most of my supers … The best way to store combs and keep them safe from pests is to keep them filled with bees. Wax Moths in Stored Honey Supers One of the biggest mistakes made by new beekeepers is improper storage of honey supers. Thats why we are advised to freeze it soon after harvest. This works against Lesser Wax Moth, but causes two other problems - fermentation of the honey over the winter and if the honey granulates it can "seed" the next honey to be stored, making it granulate in the comb. I have never stored supers wet, but have spoken to plenty who have! There have been wax moths flying around my house every since and that was in 2001. How to Prevent a Wax Moth Infestation in Beehives Trap the Adults. If you go ahead and pile two or three supers on top thinking that eventually the bees will fill them with honey, all you are really doing is giving the wax moths a great place to lay lots of eggs.

So again, it depends on your situation. Wax moths can and do "sometimes" damage comb honey. And … But, in truth, wax moths are not interested in honey frames unless those frames have contained brood. Don’t leave the supers on your hive. But they don’t usually become a problem in a strong and healthy hive, because bees continually patrol the hive and remove any wax moth larvae they find. 4 Ways Wax Moths Affect Beehives Comb Destruction. Paramoth is a great product that has worked well for wax moth control in stored supers. They can and do survive in the honey. A normal, healthy hive will keep the wax moth under control by removing the larvae, but weakened hives with lesser populations can be overwhelmed by wax moth invasions. Control and prevention is the key to healthy hive management. But, in truth, wax moths are not interested in honey frames unless those frames have contained brood. This will help to prevent wax moths from coming back in. Beekeepers require a control for wax moth to conserve their frames during periods of storage. In addition, you also stack up formerly occupied hives with their comb still intact. The supers remain in the closet (no wax moths if they have been frozen) until being taken out for next year’s surplus.” Allen then made a great point about asking for advice. Cells with a history of honey storage offer a higher level of resistance to wax moths. Delicate frames of comb that have been extracted need to be protected from damage from wax moths and small hive beetles. Inside these closed off stacks they place insecticide to kill the wax moths. Dave W. 11-09-2009, 08:12 AM. Beekeepers should also try to prevent brood production in honey supers, as the small amounts of pollen and cast honey bee larval skins are an attractive food source for wax moth larvae. Clean and safely store all empty supers away from rodents and wax moths. He said, “It is true that I have been keeping bees for 35 years, but I may not really have 35 years … Inside these closed off stacks they place insecticide to kill the wax moths. I will be writing about how to clean beehives after an attack of wax moths because that is exactly what happened to two of my hives last summer. Set the hive up in storage with newspaper in between boxes. Wax moths don’t like light so if possible store the supers such that the drawn frames are in the light. Wax moth larvae are very destructive and can quickly destroy stored beeswax combs. We breed bees for honey production, temperament, and … 1.6m tall, enough room to stack 7 supers or 6 brood boxes within. It is the cocoons, excrement, and bee parts they are really after.

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