To see our product list, visit our site. Fish and Wildlife Service suggests placing the weighs 6 to 12 inches above the hook. Kais [Broken link] Hold the weight so that the line runs through its crevice.

Most weights are incredibly easy to attach with the use of needle-nose pliers. Attach one or two weights to the fishing line.

Saltwater fishing: Pyramid, coin, and wedge sinkers are the most common fishing weights used for surf fishing in saltwater. The U.S. Tungsten fishing weights (and virtually all other tungsten parts, rod, or plate used in manufacturing) are made by a process called 'compression forming.' Thanks for the ideas! Sand makes much more sense. I think that I have seen sinkers something like this before on the salmon and steelhead rivers. Egg sinkers, split shot, bullet weights, and slip sinkers are some of the weights you might use. Very interesting alternative to lead. I am going to have to make some of these and try them out. Ice fishing: Using egg sinkers with live bait is a common rig for ice fishing. Bullet Weights offers a large variety of fishing sinkers including Bank Sinkers, Bast Casting Sinkers, Bottom Sinkers and many more. However, they were filled with lead!.

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