Of all Shakespeare's female characters Lady Macbeth stands out far beyond the rest — remarkable for her ambition, strength of will, cruelty, and dissimulation.

Lady Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and frightening female characters. Match. Start studying ENGLISH: Macbeth strengths and weaknesses. ask,? When we first see her, she is already plotting Duncan’s murder, and she is stronger, more ruthless, and more ambitious than her husband. lauraregan. This woman, who seemed so in control at the beginning of the okay, only cared for her husband and his success, later becomes so consumed with guilt and remorse that it results in her tragic death. PLAY. Throughout the first act the character of Macbeth is developed, in which Macbeth’s strengths were … Strengths And Weaknesses In Macbeth. The play is about a man named Macbeth whom, at first is a kind, tender man who later gets tempted by three foul witches to commit a murder in order to become king. Her Ambition and Resolution. Spell. The nature of Lady Macbeth’s feminine/masculine duality lies in her strength of character. Lady Macbeth only acknowledges the weakness that she is a woman, and she wishes to be rid of her feminine qualities and commit the crime herself. Macbeth: Strengths: Likeable Weaknesses: Naïve, too soft Opportunities: Has the opportunity to become king Threats: Lady Macbeth, Malcolm Lady Macbeth: Strenghts: Dominating, powerful woman Weaknesses: Being a woman, Opportunities: She can become queen Threats: Macbeth (if he doesn't kill the king) King Duncan: Strengths: Nice Lady Macbeth Essay I am going to do an essay on a play called Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare.The play is a tragedy, believed to have been written in 1611-12. ?What is it that started both . In Act One, King Duncan praises Macbeth as an honorable and brave general. Abarrach spat shopped costs macbeth article topics. The last time we see Lady Macbeth before Act 5, Scene 1 is at the banquet where she appears to be in control Act 3, Scene 4 when Macbeth becomes distressed on seeing the ghost of … Lady Macbeth | Sample answer ‘Lady Macbeth’s strengths and weaknesses lead to her downfall’ (2014 mock) The mettle of a woman is often weighed down by restricting cultural barriers and societal expectations regarding one’s gender. Macbeth's Abilities and failings Check out our essay case on Macbeth's Strengths and Weaknesses to start writing! This ambition is not for her, but for her husband. I too with a lack of morals will step on anyone who gets in my way. She is willing to do what even a man might cower to do. ... Lady Macbeth manipulated Macbeth into killing king Duncan in order for them to gain power. In the beginning of Act One, Shakespeare portrayed Macbeth as a brave and honorable general who received admiration from everyone around him including the king of Scotland, Duncan when he triumphantly defeated the rebel MacDonwald. This proves that Lady Macbeth was a driving force behind Duncan?s murder, but the question remains – was she the true driving force behind .

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