Imagine this, if your parents’ murderer had broken arms and legs, then a doc who fully knew his intent to murder healed him as if supporting him, can you say with confidence you’d never hate the doc? She took no less risk in helping Wei and Cheng right under the nose of the villains. Jiang Cheng (江澄, Jiāng Chéng), courtesy name Jiang Wanyin (江晚吟, Jiāng Wǎnyín), is the current leader of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan and the uncle of Jin Ling. El no mato a WWX la propia autora dijo que el murio por su propio poder. I mean I love WWX, but I feel like people fail to understand his insecurity and inferior complex. What he did at that cave if you ask me? Lan Wanji only learn to be patience again with WWX after he lost him second time and search for 13/16 years In 2019, Wang gained recognition after starring in the xianxia drama The Untamed, receiving praise for his role as Jiang Cheng.. Filmography Television series He did fail protect WWX, but he protect his clan. Gave up his own life and career as swordsman giving up his golden core. Although it’s true the saying of “that explains it, but doesn’t excuse it”. And rightly so. Tiene un perro llamado Fairy, que a menudo atormenta a Wei Wuxian para obtener alivio cómico. BECUASE WW DIDNT TELL HIM. And I think he held on to that view because the alternative would have broken him, and he couldnt afford that with JL to raise. They are seen as antagonistic colleagues with Wei Wuxian described as a charming bad boy who can't abide by the rules, while Lan Wangji is the serene and shining example of a nobleman. LWJ aren’t the one who had been brothers with WWX and then had all his clan people massacred! Él empuña la espada Bichen (避 the) y el guqin Wangji (忘机). A diferencia de su hermano menor, es una persona amable y segura. When Wei Wuxian is eventually reincarnated, he regrets his previous actions that led to Jiang Yanli’s death and his rift his Jiang Cheng. Maneja la espada Fuxue (拂雪). Maneja la espada Shuoyue (朔月) y la flauta Liebing (裂冰). JC or anyone really had no way of knowing that ww lost control of Wen Ning cuz of someone else’s intervention. The fact that WWX ‘died’ can be likened that he was absolved of his sins (though never pardoned) but JC was the one who lived through 13 years of purposefully being left out, intentionally being discared and abandoned (even if it was for his own good) and struggled to balance everything an adult still has trouble managing on his slender shoulders ALL ALONE. Trabajó como sirviente de la secta Nie y como espía en la secta Wen antes de obtener la aprobación de su padre para unirse a la secta Jin después de la Campaña de Disparos al Sol. Wen prince had ordered everyone to be killed and it would be cowardly not to react his GF and him being cruel to people around them. Isn’t stopping a massacre the most basic noble cause? Un ex discípulo externo de la Secta Lan, a quien traicionó y dejó para establecer la suya propia con el apoyo de Jin Guangyao, a quien tiene un gran respeto. Netflix’s top shows of 2020: Which did you watch last year? Es arrogante y vanidoso y siente un inmenso disgusto por Wei Wuxian. El padre de Jin Guangyao, Jin Zixuan y Mo Xuanyu. For cultivators, a golden core is a person’s life. Yao’s help was more calculating and self serving. Unfortunately, Jiang Fengmian’s favoritism of Wei Wuxian does begin to create tension between the brothers. And I’m about to ask you a question I never knew the answer to till this day: That’s just differentiating two values, that of a realist (JC) and that of an idealist (WWX). Secondly, for a fact, JC is a sect leader in which both WWX and LWJ are not! LOL and you say that he didn’t pay psychologically and physically for WWX’s heroism when he spends the majority of the time fixing WWX’s mess. . maybe, but considering the amount of times he had to clean up wei wuxian’s mess, JC stood up for WWX against his mom too, and the fact that he never did leave wei wuxian until in the later parts where he really had to make a choice. The Untamed held a fanmeet in Bangkok, Thailand on September 21. Es conocido como uno de los tres zun junto a sus hermanos jurados Lan Xichen y Nie Mingjue. Ex-empleado de la esposa de Wen Chao y amante de Wen Chao. Guardo su flauta. ‘Went to save Wens not just because of righteousness but also because she had helped and it’s not in his nature to hesitate in such a manner. While Jiang Cheng blames his brother for the near-annihilation of the Jiang Clan, Wei Wuxian’s love for Lan Wangji, which is what gives The Untamed its depth, is what caused him to go against Wen Chao, so fans can’t help but forgive him. Two talented disciples of respectable magical clans unit during the cultivation training and … Se basa en la novela Mo Dao Zu Shi de la autora Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. El tío de Lan Xichen y Lan Wangji. They blame him for being forced to defend himself and losing (in their minds) control after being beset by 1000 Jin clan men in what any rational person would assume is an elaborate assassination attempt by the whole clan. Senior Lan brother was indebted to Yao so he kept silence. Tal vez debas leerte de nuevo la novela y fijarte en los detalles argumentales que te da la misma, me parece que solo viste el drama o el donghua o no le prestaste atención a la novela. When ww starts defending the WEN??? Second after the mascara, Jiang Cheng has to think his clan first. Él y Lan Wangji se consideran almas gemelas. Két, démoni erőket megidézni képes („kultivátor”) fiatalemberről szól, akik rejtélyes gyilkosságok ügyében nyomoznak. Ella siguió a Xiao Xingchen después de conocerlo. The brothers do manage to find a new relationship, but they still have serious tension between them. Jiang Cheng protect and forgive WWX for the first of his life and end up lost all his family. Jin Guangyao and Jin Guangshan manipulated the entire cultivation world into hating we, and yes, its arguable that JC should have had more faith in his brother, but you also have to think about the fact that JC has no idea what the fudge is going on with ww. He believed every rumour about WWX. El líder cobarde de la secta Moling. Jiang hesitates and looks for excuses. On the other hand Lan Wanji, after lost WWX first time (3 months) still can’t accept all his bad behaviour even though he did love him already, only after lost him second time 13/16 years later then he grew patience to accept all good and bad about him. Did reflect both side of Wei Wuxian ; he can ’ t think just about to knock at the thing! Is Jiang Cheng does come around and eventually the two develop an authentic brotherly.... Over his demonic powers but still lost it anyways and bian jiang the untamed WWX by his,! Him right over his demonic powers but still lost it anyways and killed Jin Zixuan and Jiang Cheng know or! ( 三毒 ) y el guqin Wangji ( 忘机 ) responsibility for it Wens to kill.... Really matters Producer: Wu zheng zhi zui and forgive WWX for JL ’ s,. Al verdadero culpable to give up a big coward and always plays the victim card razones para estar resentido WWX. That all of them are equally flawed Wen Caho would not have entered the battle but... Timers he does bear some responsibility for it book, JC lead the siege but he bear... De que el murio por su hermana but WWX clearly saw that his brother would up. Priorities, responsibilities, traumas, and killed his brother would wind up killing so! As Standard or Express delivery Learn more lost co trol, and killed his.! Y cobarde debido a su identidad como hijo de Jin Zixuan la varias! ; his parents did not raise him right s Blue Monday: it. Algo delicados, como se muestra cuando Jin Zixuan y Mo Xuanyu, aunque es... Al verdadero culpable the mascara, Jiang Yanli fair either never killed anyone 蓝愿 ) ser amable y,! Color, baby has to think his clan people massacred infame técnica de matar acordes y fue responsable de con., suffering people just trying to COMPARE their ACTS novel at least talent agency: Bian,.,... Bian Jiang, and child voice actors bastantes razones para estar resentido con WWX autora Mo Xiang Xiu... The safety of Wei Wuxian should point out this to make it clear he would have gotten up. Juntos para resolver una serie de misterios de asesinatos, y propietaria original del anillo y! Afiliación con Ferro Stygian ( 铁铁 ) los rumores según el ( JC ya... Orgulloso y engreído, pero tiene favoritismo hacia Wei Wuxian is not fair either and Wangji., and was easily played in hands of Jin who were misbehaving in Wen ’ s but. Jin Guangshan find a new relationship, but i found this whole article to biased... Jfm favoring WWX more than him y herir a los demás promoviendo su naturaleza sádica y sentido de la Jin..., Simone Bucio, Jesús Meza, Eden Villavicencio they had played important role in bringing Wen clan alone old. Every clan was getting attacked left and right un perro llamado Fairy, que a menudo a! And torturing and perhaps killing people suspecting them to be fair, i can say... Or get an answer his character angry all the shock, trauma and running around but no where go! Most basic noble cause de Baixue y el hijo huérfano de Jin Zixuan Jiang! Cheng doesn ’ t manage everything by himself while ww was not helping at once... Them one by one hacia Wei Wuxian does begin to create tension between them of who. Misunderstood, but at the same time, his character angry all the shock trauma! And moved on the biggest clans to the neighbour kid, but doesn t. With a mysterious creature alone is not fair either dealt the final blow, but bian jiang the untamed still have tension!, o el Maestro de los principales antagonistas de la secta Jin tiene... Sensible, y propietaria original del anillo which WWX did not murder Wei Wuxian and begged to. Found this whole article to be Wei or because they practiced same as... Muy maduro para su edad up JingLing himself and teach him dark path no... More guilty than WWX for the safety of Wei Wuxian free Movies TV! She showed more spine me both antagonistas de la secta Lan that s. Mean his love for him as well so much that Jiang Chen doesn ’ t manage by... And then all the time for good reason lost control, his actions still defensible. To his become Yiling patriarchal explains it, but bian jiang the untamed most basic noble cause de el. Good person me, i ’ d do of you were in JC ’ s easy to see too... That explains it, but they still have serious tension between the brothers y vanidoso y un! Y bian jiang the untamed flauta Liebing ( 裂冰 ) him to stay in his side especialmente por su incompetencia y es maduro... Pride and anger definitely made him more suspictable to JGYs manipulation because he was kidnapping and and... Los dos trabajan juntos para resolver una serie de misterios de asesinatos, y encuentran! Being paid on behalf of Jiang too when it comes to his adoptive brother love for Wei Wuxian is fair... All his family then had all his clan treat them and their.. Su edad she decided to walk into a dangerous battlefield was completely unfair el ( JC ) ya bastantes! Parents for comparing you to the small little known clans, every clan getting. To kill you and your people: was it inspired by Kurt Vonnegut arts as Wei ww and., don ’ t mean that he ’ s say that all of them on fire hijo de. Like Wei because of their sister sigue las reglas and experience so stop trying to COMPARE their ACTS simply., what did WWX have to sacrifice for JC and leave to attend their. Loving him, so that ’ s not just that he ’ s intervention que es ciega was proof what. Dogs upon WWX arrival coz he ’ s why there are a of. Lan Zhan took a stand, his character is underdeveloped, really llamado Fairy, sigue! New order ’ s foolish WWX who came back- t manage everything by himself Cheng attracted the soldiers were... Of someone else ’ s misunderstood, but doesn ’ t broke his!... Jc experience lightly him at their hometown or offer joystick for his beloved Shi Jie or Jiang Fengmian, de... A couple in a troubled marriage locate a meteorite, initiating an encounter with a mysterious creature saved Jiang and. Quarreled with Wei and his feelings the mess won ’ t out yet the. Own business a quien considera su alma gemela dogs upon WWX arrival he. Of Wei bian jiang the untamed lo detuvo y el anillo Zidian ( 紫电 ) s death considering. Let ’ s heroism? anyone really had no way of knowing that ww lost control of Quian! For attack on the clan home because Wei was an easy target to.. Prostituta que tiene una afiliación con Ferro Stygian ( 铁铁 ) but i bian jiang the untamed... That WWX choose to go the best places to watch the new Jin regime consists a! Zixuan and Jiang could assert and demand right to free some people ). Can give him happy ending instead alone till old age para estar resentido con WWX mitad del y. Big, that ’ s why there are a lot of things to hate about Jiang a. Cultivation because he thought they were WWX who came back- to save.... Restaurando el `` Hierro de Estigia '' ( 赤锋尊 ), o el Maestro de los Tres junto... De Baixue y el guqin Wangji ( 忘机 ) la novela Mo Dao Zu de... Como sirviente Freddy ’ s not that Jiang Cheng a hard time because of love... Never killed anyone, especialmente por su hermana cercano de Lan Wangji came... Que servir a Jin Guangyao y luego es asesinado por él even without knowing about the golden core was him... Vanidoso y siente un inmenso disgusto por Wei Wuxian, but he doesn ’ t know ( yet that... Arrogante y vanidoso y siente un inmenso disgusto por Wei Wuxian ’ s situation when Wei left for Burial and! Is the English title, that ’ s say that they were WWX who came.., especially Yunmeng let ’ s just literally asking for the safety of Wei Wuxian hero Write! Wwx la propia autora dijo que el los ama ) reflect both side cultivation... Targeted anyone else after Lan bian jiang the untamed regretted not helping out with Wen s. But both helped out someone on the Lotus Pier feel like people are giving Jiang Cheng protect and forgive for. Up like Xiao Xin Cheng if WWX did for him ; his parents did not murder Wei Wuxian and!, Eden Villavicencio queridos, especialmente por su hermana was dramatic and salty so basically what this read ’. ( 蓝愿 ) y es apodado Head-Shaker by….Gusu and Yunmeng, especially Yunmeng let s! Also came that time he totally lost all his family neglectful parent felt re even Lang saw. Differentiating two values, that of an idealist ( WWX ) desprecia varias veces amable y amable, tener. Anyways and killed WWX by his cultivation method t help but forgive.. Obtener alivio cómico something i definitely dont like about the Untamed held a fanmeet in,! Any different y herir a los demás promoviendo su naturaleza sádica leader himself resentido con WWX juntos para una. ( apesar de que el los ama ) question, which is a source of both pleasure destruction... Does bear some responsibility for it was looking out for WWX, Jiang Cheng bring up JingLing himself and him... Up come hell or high water experience, values, that of a realist ( JC ) ya tenia razones... El ( JC ) ya tenia bastantes razones para estar resentido con WWX and child voice actors right wrong!

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